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CPA and Accounting Services Firm

Emphasis on long-term trusted partnership based on proven solutions, sound economics and mutual respect to deliver robust and reliable services.

security and collaboration focused

Partnership Goals:

Secure work from home environment

Emulate role of trusted IT department providing complete information technology services from Help Desk to vCIO functions including specific solutions in support of overall business strategic direction; deliver appropriate leading edge technology solutions that are secure, agile, easy to use and powerful; configure and support secure solutions for team under work from home (WFH) conditions; interface with line-of-business software vendors as necessary; support IT budget planning; participate as appropriate in strategy meetings with designated company leadership.

F1 provides:
  • Dedication to long-term relationship

  • Routine security assessments with feedback, documentation and regular improvement

  • Physical network security through segmentation, simplification, and monitoring

  • Penetration testing to ensure secure network facing surfaces

  • Multifactor authentication to create defense in-depth across users and machines

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) data governance to meet industry standards

  • VPN configuration and support to allow secure work from home (WFH) solutions

  • Onsite support during the high intensity tax season

  • Consulting for build-out and ongoing maintenance of optimal SharePoint and Teams collaboration

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