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new client onboarding

new client onboarding process

F1 believes onboarding a client is about efficiently positioning our team with yours to be able to provide your users with excellent and timely support services from Minute 1 of Day 1 of F1’s support contract.  Our US-based project team communicates effectively as needed respecting that your time is valuable. New client partners receive clear and succinct direction to share with their teams prior to the start date to avoid any gaps in support or confusion around the process and responsibilities. We know your business can’t afford to be on hold for days or weeks during an IT partner change or elongated onboarding process.

Minute 1/Day 1 Support

Our capability to help right out of the gate is due to our competence and depth of experience. The essential information gathered during the pre-engagement discovery phase provides us with important details to understand the foundational elements required to be in place for that Day 1 /Minute 1 successful support capability. We embrace being adaptable, flexible and capable as a matter of course, but most especially during client transitions.

Simple But Tailored

You are unique. Your team is unique. F1 understands IT at its foundational level and we know that to expertly onboard, our process needs to respect what is different about you.  We ask ourselves, what do we need to do to accommodate your uniqueness? What do we need to do to allow your business to thrive in its competitive landscape? How can we make this endeavor as seamless as possible? 

F1 delivers our capability to each end user via optimizing the process for installation of our remote monitoring software platform which is bundled with our security software and integrates across our multiple support, security and data analytics systems providing us with the tools we need to support and consult on our clients’ IT assets.  

Change is difficult.  Change of IT partner can be outright daunting. F1 is committed to making this change a pleasant surprise! Contact us to learn more!

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