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The world has and will continue to evolve in how we work as technology allows for more efficiencies and possibilities. Digital Transformation in turn has to be just that;

A transformation

Practices and processes that have been in place using traditional IT infrastructure need to be reimagined in order to take advantage of how work is changing.

digital transformation

In basketball, there is a concept called the "Triple Threat Position" where a player is ready to either shoot, pass or dribble the ball depending on the situation presented to them. This fundamental practice ensures that as the game changes, the player can adapt and react in an appropriate way. F1 treats Digital Transformation in a business the same way.


F1 works with our clients to create a foundation of technology that serves as our "Triple Threat Position" where depending on how the IT landscape changes, we are ready to "shoot, pass or dribble" the ball. This approach allows our clients to seize opportunity and integrate new technologies into their environment without major disruption to day to day operations. Efforts to map business processes to specific functional areas allow for efficient management of resources.


The speed in which technology is changing is ever-increasing. Our belief is that a technical foundation rooted in security that is tuned to how data flows through a business, is the road to efficient digital transformation. As time goes on, some of these changes may become mandatory. F1 makes sure that your business is in the "Triple Threat" position to be able to make informed decisions on how to evolve along with technology.

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