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IT Procurement and HaaS

F1 Cloud Solutions knows IT infrastructure and knows how to get business-class quality at competitive prices. Our team works with you to design the right product solutions and arranges provisioning, including the flexibility of turning lumpy capital expenditures into level monthly expenses with our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) offering.

A Man With Laptops and Monitors | IT Procurement

Because we are a Lenovo Partner, we offer the most competitive pricing on the market. IT infrastructure is a significant investment, and the F1 team believes it should be protected.

We provide the appropriate warranty and support coverage that takes the financial surprise out of the equation when the product has an unexpected hiccup. So, whether you need hardware, software, or cloud-based products, contact us for a fair and flexible solution tailored to your business and financial needs.

Advantages of IT Procurement Through F1:

  • Because we buy in volume, we enjoy buying power that allows our clients to pay competitively low prices.

  • We sell only business-grade hardware with parts built to withstand the day-to-day demands that continual use puts on IT equipment.

  • Our quotes include warranties selected for your critical business needs.

  • When issues arise, you can count on us to handle the preliminary troubleshooting, any necessary warranty claims, and associated returns. We also coordinate vendor mitigation.

  • We maintain and manage an inventory of your IT assets by incorporating it into your service plan so you can have an integrated lifecycle management and asset-tracking solution.

  • Financing options are available for all your IT project hardware solutions.

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