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Management Consulting Firm

Emphasis on long-term trusted partnership based on proven solutions, sound economics and mutual respect to deliver robust and reliable secure services.

Agile, Secure and Scalable

Partnership Goals:

Always-on support for fast-paced management consulting firm expanding around the globe; leveraging full capabilities of Microsoft 365. Highly curious and flexible IT department to match client’s intensive pace;  provisioning of rapidly scalable solutions allowing client team to focus on delivering high quality solutions to their growing client base of large corporations.

F1 provides:
  • Rapid deployment of fully configured workstations delivered throughout the US and Europe allowing client team to hit the ground running from day one

  • Reliable and secure onboarding and offboarding processes

  • Microsoft 365 and Azure management and provisioning

  • Monitoring, updating, support and management of all endpoints

  • Virus, malware, and phishing protection configured to stop increasing numbers of threats

  • Multifactor authentication and mobile device management

  • Multifactor authentication management

  • 24/7 assistance and troubleshooting with the average resolution time for tickets being 30 minutes

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