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Streamlining Frontline Operations With Microsoft F-Series Licensing

Frontline employees are often the face of a business. These team members show up on work sites under sometimes challenging conditions to deliver a business’s products and services.

However, their presence to accomplish what a business needs them to do often renders communications with them more challenging. In addition, it is also easier for these individuals to lose connection with the core business which can lead to feeling less valued.

Microsoft F-Series Licensing

Enter Microsoft’s F-series licensing. These smart, application-packed options allow businesses to bridge the gaps between in-office and frontline teams by balancing functionality with economic needs.

Microsoft’s F1 licensing at just $2.25 per team member per month provides email, Microsoft Teams, and all the usual Microsoft applications of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more, all accessible through the Internet on mobile devices.

If your field forces require the advantages of deeper security and access to customized apps and workflow automation in addition to the online applications of the F1 licensing, then the Microsoft F3 licenses at just $8 per team member per month are the optimum choice. Beyond additional features such as Visio, Power Apps, Microsoft Forms, and Endpoint Device Management, these team members can access Viva Connections and Viva Engage, which allow for deeper relationships and understanding, often critical to bringing diverse workforces together.

The world demands tremendous agility that is harder to attain without being able to share critical information with our teams efficiently and effectively. It is also increasingly important for everyone in our organizations to attain some comfort with technology, allowing them to extend their value.

Finally, expectations by frontline workers are changing. Through improved engagement, their unique needs can be better appreciated and their ideas better captured, potentially increasing retention and driving better business outcomes. Checking in with your IT provider about investing in F-series licensing can be part of bridging some of these gaps by providing economical collaboration options and opportunities.

Empower Your Frontline Today

Let your frontline team know their value and provide them with a protected identity with Microsoft F-series licensing. Connect with F1 Cloud Solutions to get started or ask for more details. We also offer incorporated training within the Microsoft Teams environment so your team can be more comfortable and confident using these tools.

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