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security solutions

F1 provides layers of security across the Cybersecurity framework to be able to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover on an ongoing basis.

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Having an Expert Team of Cybersecurity Professionals is Critical

Cybersecurity is mission critical during “normal” times, but especially throughout this time of working from anywhere and everywhere.  Threat actors spend their days and resources exploiting vulnerabilities.  A good IT partner architects environments with security at the foundation rather than as an afterthought regardless of your industry requirements because protecting your data assets is top of mind for F1.  Bad actors only have to be right once. We need to be right always.


F1 leverages the Security and Compliance Center within Microsoft 365 as part of the equation to deliver intelligent security with automated actions. This includes proactive methodologies such as labeling and classifying sensitive data and applying appropriate protections to keep your information and people secure.

F1 enables our clients to leverage the most utility from their security solutions, whether that is on premise, cloud infrastructure or a SaaS model. Our team of experienced cyber security professionals understand that security is not a one-time exercise, rather it is an ongoing way of doing business that is necessarily changing the way you work. We partner with our clients to enable this journey to be as seamless as possible to avoid compromising security for increasing productivity.

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